What the heck is jerk indie?

Hello there!

I've had this domain since like 2008, always with the intention of doing something for the music community. In the past this site has been a list of all my friends bands, a landing page for the festivals we hosted at the Plea For Peace center in Stockton, an earlier version of an event listing website, and briefly as a landing page for twitch streams.

Now I'm building the thing I've always dreamed of, a destination website where people can come to find local shows and bands.

I'm a little tired of platforms and websites that only cater to big signed bands, and have no real resources for local DIY bands and musicians. I'm tired of social media that has tried to wedge events into their platform but leave out the ability to find all local events, or they build features that oversaturate and annoy fans.

This website is still a very early version of what I want to build, this should be a destination for people who are looking to be a part of their local scene, find shows, and discover new bands. Please find a list below of features I'm currently working on, and feel free to reach out to me with your own ideas.

Love Each Other


Features In Progress

  1. Sell tickets

    Event creators will be able to sell tickets for their events.

  2. All band members can edit pand pages

    Currently only the original author of a band page can make edits, this feature will let any linked memeber make edits.

  3. Notifications

    Get notified when users comment on your event, band page, or comment!

email ideas to andrewhemans@gmail.com

Recently Completed

  • Comments!

    Users can comment on events and band pages.

  • Link multiple users to bands

    link band members with jerk indie accounts to a band page you manage.

  • Switch photo upload services - completed sometime in april?

    In order to support faster load times on photos, plus some other media options we need to switch the service we use for uploading.

  • Refactor code and redesign for better scalability - completed 03/06/22

    I hacked this website together in about a week before launching, and then got a lot of feedback, and had some time to think about everything we want to build here. I also had some time to think about some real designs, so big visual changes and code refactors coming soon.

  • Become a fan of a band - completed 03/10/22

    Let users become fans of bands, unlock other related features.

  • Link Bands to Events - completed 02/28/22

    This will allow you to link multiple bands to an event so the event will show on each band page.

  • Refactor events - completed 02/21/22

    The event form needs a code refactor to use updated genre select. Add the ability to upload and image for events, update design of events to include image.

  • User Dashboard - completed 02/25/22

    Allow users to see all of the events and bands they have created, plus other future features.